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When conveying livestock on Interislander it is critical that the following requirements are met:

  • All vehicles carrying livestock must be fitted with effluent holding tanks with sufficient capacity to ensure effluent does not leak while on-board the vessels. Any vehicles that are seen to be leaking effluent may be refused passage.
  • Livestock should be adequately de-watered prior to travel. De-watered animals retain their condition better during travel as well as minimising effluent.
  • Due to minimal overhead clearance onboard, vehicles must be fitted with covers to prevent animals rearing above the height of the truck.
  • Special considerations are required for transporting lactating cattle - consult with MAF if unsure.

 In association with MAF, Interislander has developed new guidelines regarding the transportation of stock during rough weather. Click here for more details.

 For further information on animal welfare during transport please refer to MAF's website.

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